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Donnell Seyni, CEO.

Donnell Seyni ACC is an entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker, and Certified Professional Coach specializing in Leadership and Life with a personal approach





Discovering God’s provisions through biblical principal.

Planning how to apply God’s word in your life with the use of practical tools

Becoming, which is walking out your God given vision.

She specializes in the areas of developing Life Vision (movie clips of God’s provisions for your entire life (your world) which includes: you, your family, your well being, physical and emotional health and all your relationships; dual faith relationships, specifically saved/unsaved mismatch; spiritual exploration such as your beliefs, values, fears and loves and what they say about you; and Donnell assists individuals in the transformation of ordinary mundane and tired lives into extraordinary inspired lovers of life...

Donnell Seyni, Founder

Iamazing Group adheres to the principle “Change your perspective, change your life-everyone has value.” Once the value an individual is validated, a comfort level of safety and trust is facilitated ensuing openness, honesty, and reliability. Most importantly, that individual begins to see the value in others resulting in a complete perspective change thereby creating a life change.



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Iamazing Group, LLC

Her personal philosophy is to address the spiritual (inner self) before the soul (mind, will, and intellect). The results will be the transformation of the physical which is accomplished by

~ Founder Donnell Seyni